Remembering The Miracle of the past creates Rest in the present about the future.

From the birth canal to the death bed life is full of challenges – but challenges create the miracles we can remember to Rest in this moment so the future is peaceful Here and Now. The only time Perfect Love encourages the beloved to look back is when they are looking to see how Great the Love has been that brought them to this point.

The Children of Israel coming out of slavery is the story of each of us coming out of slavery to life in the Light of Perfect Love. Let’s examine what we can learn from this:

  1. Every time they needed something it was delivered but only after they learned how to Rest in the moment.
  2. Perfect Love supplies all the Needs but not necessarily the wants because part of Resting now about what’s next is knowing that Love Knows Best.
  3. As the former slaves began to Rest in the Faithful arms of Perfect Love they began to develop Perfect Peace in this present moment and beyond.

Breathe in and say:
“Perfect Love Did”

Breathe out and say:
“Perfect Love Will”

As you consider this meditation think through a gift you were given in the best. It could be just your last breath, or it could be a time that you struggled greatly but came through it. Maybe it’s a vision of the Red Sea parting and a miracle that happened to someone else. Whatever the case maybe bring your mind to Rest in the Abundance of GraceFull Peace that lies in knowing the Ability of and the Passion that Perfect Love has for you.

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