“Fruit doesn’t fall from the tree” and for the GraceFull the tree is a cross where All condemnation, guilt and shame ended for All who believe. I used to think that being like Jesus was following the law more closely and as such condemnation was my constant companion – but then another ragamuffin told me about Grace and I began to see God in a whole new light, The Light of Love beyond human comprehension which cast out All my fear!



Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. People do not pick figs from thornbushes, or grapes from briers.” – Luke 6:44



I struggled for years with who I am until I figured out Who created me,  gives me Rest and Loves me just as I am Not as I should be! What stopped my struggle was called Grace and the “fruit” of Gods Grace is Freedom because of two basic understandings:


1)The cross of Christ Completly Reunified me with God, Completely apart from the law of which I am now Completely Free!

2)Because of the Full value I now see from the cross The Love of God in a Stronger, Fuller and More Complete way than religion taught me!



As a result of these 2 understandings my journey is one of growing in Love, Hope, Pateince and Understanding which makes for a Beautiful Non-condemning life!



If your fruit is judgement, condemnation and shame – your fruit is Not the same fruit that Jesus offered – care to know how to bear GraceFull fruit? Click the link below:



Let The Journey Begin!