A “fallback position” is a point that you go back to in order to feel safe again, to remember who you are and to basically regroup. On the journey of Grace that “fallback position” is Love beyond human comprehension.


Every Hero from the Bible teaches us one very enduring and encouraging lesson …

Even if the gates of Hell be in front of me, my Peace is secure as I look to The Perfect Love which surrounds me


My GraceFull Journey keeps bringing me back to this one Faithful, Unchanging, Irrevocable and Relentless Truth that sets me free …

Your unfailing love will last forever. Your faithfulness is as enduring as the heavens.” … Psalms 89:2


This is the first devotional in a series about how to find a healthy spiritual “fallback position” … if you would like to follow this series and see more about a spiritual awakening based on Grace please feel free to visit:



May your day be filled with moments of Grace and may you know Rest realizing in each moment you are Loved beyond human comprehension by The God Who controls All.