Ever since the dawn of time man has tried to create God in his image and it has been nothing but trouble.

Our cheapening of The Devine can be seen in histories greatest catastrophes from The Great Inquisition to The Great Crusades to so many other events, but can it be seen in our daily lives?


Are you greater than our father Jacob, who gave us the well and drank from it himself, as did also his sons and his livestock?” – John 4:12


Law is the reminder of sin and as such it points to badness. Faith is Resting in The Goodness already Freely provided by Grace from God through His Sons Free gift! One is a well defined by condemnation, guilt, depression and pain. The Other is The Endless source of Love, Hope, Peace and Grace – All of which are Unconditional and Eternal – All of which are based on who I am and Not who I should be!


The choice is yours in what you are going to follow for your spiritual nourishment – all I can tell you is that I know the outcome of both a well, The Well and I know which one leads to this Life I enjoy!


If you want Life please look at the link below and feel free to share it with anyone and everyone if it blesses you:

Let The Journey Begin!




LOVES eyes - your well