Perfect Loves EOR

How can we see bad and think of it as good?


What is the purpose for us to wait through struggles?


The Waiting Room is Perfect Loves Educational Opportunity Room (EOR)



The growth of The Goodness of The Divine often happens in The Waiting Room of our struggles. If we see this then we can look in and ask Up.



Look within and ask Up to The Divine about what or how this current struggle or challenge is shaping me into a Being of greater love and compassion for all! Remember growing Divine Goodness isn’t about law its about Love and your challenges and struggles were designed to develop your Lover-ability! To do that any situation you are in was allowed to happen to you for one of several reasons (this is Not an exhaustive list):



  1. Get us and others to forgive ourselves or the past or someone in the past. (Past healing)


  1. Get us and others to see where all knowledge and wisdom comes from. (Present healing)


  1. Teach us and others how to Love to a Greater degree. (Present and Future Healing)


  1. Teach us and reveal to others The Source of Peace and Strength that can only come from knowing the Inexhaustible, Unconditional and Eternal Love From Above. (Healing of others and communities through present suffering)



In every struggle I highly encourage you to look up, Praise God for it and ask Him, “Lord please use this struggle: to heal myself and others, to teach me to Love more like you and to create a Shinning and Greater Beacon of Your Love Light to All!”

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