Have you ever looked at a strong person and wondered what made them strong?

Is it possible that there are different sources of strength some of which are spiritually healthy and some of which are not?

If we interpret and connect with the sources of strength that are spiritually unhealthy how does that affect us and our mission?



be strong.” – 1 Corinthians 16:13d



Much of the New Testament like 1 Corinthians was written by Paul, formerly known as Saul. Paul had a miraculous encounter with God and as a result he changed his source of strength. He went from an extreme legalist and persecutor of the early church as Saul to the lighthouse of Grace and Peace based not on our performance but based instead on the Love From Above, the extreme, relentless, unconditional and unimaginable LOVE of God!



Why does any of this matter?



Because if our source of strength is in our ability to follow the law for some form of righteousness we will forever be doomed to failure. The law was given so that “transgressions might increase” so that we would turn to Christ as the Only form of true righteousness, the One who “Reconciled” us to God by His actions alone and The One Who by His life, death and resurrection shows us how much God Almighty LOVES us with an Everlasting Love!



If we are strong in the knowledge of the above paragraph then we can Rest in what was as it is Completly Forgiven, Rest in what will be because we see a His LOVE as Boundless and Rest in what Is as we are “no longer under the law, we are under Grace!”



Come to me those who are heavy laden and I will give you Rest!” – Jesus







LOVES Best....4