I have learned that Jesus is Enough, that Love “Finished” the battle of making me Holy but the battle of me accepting it is where Loves Battle is while I am enmeshed in this human body.

Grace “Reconciled” us. Grace “Redeemed” us. Grace “Justified” us. “Grace Is Sufficient” but that doesn’t keep the evil one from trying to remind us of every mistake, try to cause us to feel guilt and shame and basically create a joyless existence Here and Now.

We Must know the battle and the battle is to Rest in what has been “Finished” while remembering that even our darkest most hurting parts are Loved with Perfect Love by The One Who Created All and Holds All together.


The religious Pharisees will tell you the battle is to follow the law they prescribe … this is the battle of churches, temples and mosques all around the world.

But when you believe in a Bigger Love, The Perfect Love and Only Love that would give up His Only Son for His enemies … then and only then does the focus shift as Devine Acceptance allows us to begin to open up in prayer and meditation to even the darkest part of ourselves and allow healing of the pain there.

My arduous journey to acceptance of most of my darkest parts (still working on some) started with the study at the link below:

Let The Journey Begin!