When we consider the accusations leveled at eternities Greatest Lover in human form we can begin to see if we are on the right track.

So let’s look at those accusations:

  1. “He is a friend to sinners” – As we consider the lives of most people one topic that comes up is their known associations or friends. So why would The Divine choose “sinners” as friends? Could it have anything to do with sharing Love and shunning shame?

  2. “He is out of His mind?” – You know it might be a bad day when your own mother accuses you of being insane. Could this accusation have anything to do with the reckless way The Divine Loved? Could it be that Mary was simply trying to protect her Son from a growing group of professional legalist that didn’t like the way Jesus was connecting people to God?

  3. “He is a drunkard and a glutton?” – On this accusation keep in mind that in the Jewish tradition an accusation had to have some proof or the accuser could be in some deep trouble. Could this accusation have come from the idea talked about in Romans 10:4 and various other places? Is it possible that this accusation came from The Divines plan that the only thing that matters is that we “Love one another.”

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