The Greater we see His Love to Be, The Greater we will live in His Ability.


One concept I really appreciate from Buddhism is the idea of acceptance of suffering. When I first heard this idea I was suffering as I was at my first silent meditation retreat and crying my way through each and every session.

A wise Buddhist nun allowed me to break silence long enough for me to explain a story related to my dads death and she was used by God that day to teach me a Remarkable concept. She said, “you need to see the one you call God as picking up that angry, confused, crying little boy and have that God rock you gently until you feel the presence of His Love and Peace in your soul, if you need to rock back and forth while you meditate and feel those arms of Love around you.” She was SO Very right!

There is a devil and the devil is the one that wants you and I to just exist with a corrupt view of Perfect Love for the simple reason that if our view of Perfect Love is corrupt we will not be able to give love to anyone let alone share the idea of it.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” … Matthew 5:4

Perfect Loves drives out all fear because all suffering was allowed by Perfect Love to bring us back to its origin. God Really wants to have a Relationship with us based on His Unconditional Perfect Love so that we can Be His Love Light Here and Now.