Its a simple question really – I just asked the man that was berating and browbeating others who didn’t think like him if he thought Heaven would be full of people who only thought like him and acted like him. I never did get an answer but it left me to think of how Heavenly Heaven would be if everyone there was accomplished clones! What if instead Heaven was full of people who have learned to Love, Care about and show Compassion like Christ did?

Do people think differently than others?

Is the way you think of God the only way He could be?

What mattered dogma or Love?

To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.” – Mark 12:33

What matters most to you? Is it getting others to agree with you and join your club of like-minded thinkers or is it Loving them where they are even if they never change?

I don’t think like you! People in Africa don’t think like either one of us and people in Asia think completely different from anyone else – so what should we do? Who is right and who is wrong and shouldn’t we try and make every effort to make others think like us?

What if we just Loved? What if we just began to see people like Jesus saw them and Loved them?

What would happen if for one second we actually thought that our world view and our God view might not be the correct one? What would happen if for just one second we had the thought that maybe just maybe God is bigger than our thoughts and as such He just wants us to Love and let Him take care of the rest?

I am not calling on you to question your faith, I am begging you to see God outside that little box in your mind that says it has to be your interpretation or the highway!

Love God and Love others and let God sort it out!!!

Is Heaven all about the right answers and dogma or is it about Love?

Is Heaven all about the right answers and dogma or is it about Love?