God has a Christmas gift for you this year! This Christmas, this Holiday season, this Blessed year at Christmas He has something for you and it starts Here and Now! With this Devotional! This Devotional is one that got me more excited than usual, Much more!  When I write, I almost always get excited because for me writing these devotionals has been and I pray will continue to be a big part of my personal journey and I hope and pray that in some way they touch and minister to others journeys now and after I am finally home!

With the above paragraph in mind please follow, unwrap and delve into each devotional between now and Christmas. The titles may surprise you but in the opening paragraph of each I will state that this is “GCP – #” – “The Grace-Full Christmas Present – (and the number) number” – I hope you enjoy them, pass them around and let the seeds be flung to the ends of the earth!

GCP – 1 – “Love was Always the Plan!”

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.” – John 1:1

John! John the poet fisherman! I will be delving into all the gospels for these Grace-Full Christmas presents as well as other books of the Bible but John has always been one of my favorites for his simple man, poet style of creating yet another facet to look into the heart and soul of The Soul that calms the storm of every soul that will anchor in Him!

Love was Always the plan of The Father! Love was always the way He wanted to lay out His creation, relate to His creation and The Light He wanted His creation to live in Was, Is and Always will be Love!

Have you ever gotten a present for Christmas and while accepting it politely, the whole time you were looking at it you were asking yourself, “what in the world is this thing?” The reason I ask is that many still do that with the greatest present ever given, Jesus!

Jesus was “The Word” made flesh and when the Bible states, “Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee” it is talking about Christ for the “New Covenant” – because once the “New Covenant” is established in a person the law is no longer needed!

Two things that are necessary to understanding God for this lesson: 1) Nothing ever surprises God and 2) God Is Love! The fact that sin entered the world by one man didn’t surprise God, nor did the fact that His Precious Son Who had been with Him from the beginning would have to go and be the ultimate human sacrifice so He could show Who He really was and establish Righteousness for all who believe!

It’s interesting that Jesus is called “The Word” for many reasons but for this devotional the main reason is that a person’s “word” is his bond and so it is with God! “The Word” of God therefore is crucial to you opening this present that is waiting for you! “The Word” is the single Greatest, Blessed and Most Precious Manifestation of Who God Is, What God Is About and How He feels about you and me!

So don’t miss The Present that will be delivered and hopefully opened by you over the next few days and weeks!