One of the most beautiful Christmas presents you have ever been given or will ever be able to receive is the realization that Love Is a Journey of Growing and ever manifested Peace once you understand The Grace of God! The Grace of God is risky – Extremely risky for some and always too risky for the comfortable – but What A Journey it is for anyone with a mustard seed of courage! This is why I write, its why Joseph and his internal struggle that you will see in todays Grace-Full Christmas Present (G-FCP – 4) is Vitally important for you to unwrap IF you are to Have Life Abundant from The God beyond your imagination!

Because Joseph her husband was faithful to the law, and yet did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly.” – Matthew 1:19

As with any journey there are dangers, challenges and potholes that could derail even the best of intentions and God knows them all, allowed them to be and IF you pay attention He will let them heal you!

The healing of God is Not in the “doing” but in the Being! What I mean by that is that most want healing by doing more or in a way that suits them or makes them comfortable – this is rarely how God operates because human comfort works diametrically opposed to spiritual growth, Gods Peace and His Love light being developed in your life!

This is how it was with Joseph if you look above and like Joseph you usually have at least two voices that you can listen to and in general the quiet one that doesn’t force or legalize is God. Josephs choice here like most others is “law” or Grace – even though it wasn’t called that at that time. Because Joseph was “faithful to the law” he could have “out-ted” Mary and said get away from me. Because Grace was slowly simmering in Joseph he devised another half-grace plan as he knew the societal values were – well let’s say EXTREME by most standards today.

Keep in mind that Jesus, “did Not come into the world to condemn the world but to save it!” So if you want to take a wild guess where Grace stands on this issue rolling through Josephs restrictive, legalistic, Jewish based head – go for it! As to what ever happened to Joseph – historically we are not sure. The last mention of him in the Bible is the temple visit with his boy Jesus.

My point and your Grace-Full Christmas Present – 4 is this: learn to listen to The Voice of unconditional Love and Acceptance of others – Yes even those outside your idea of legalistic right and wrong – For in learning this, in Opening up and Opening this Christmas present – MIRACLES HAPPEN!

That is what Jesus was, is and always will be and because Joseph opened up to even the smallest of Grace bit of God’s Grace-Full voice here – WE ARE FREE! And that is The Christmas Miracle!

Keep following the series – Many more Grace-Full Presents to follow!


G-FCP - #4