Whoever the being is they are created by and made in the image of The Divine.

It’s much more comfortable to label a person or a being than it is to go inside us and ask questions. It is so very easy to just think that’s a “bad person” then it is to think, “this person has been made in the image of The Divine, knit together in their mothers womb by The Divine and in my life for me to see and interact with by the allowance of The Divine.”

A Spiritual path of Perfect Love is not a wide and easy road, but rather it is a narrow, uphill, small and winding trail that stretches the soul to grow because in that growth is the healing we so desperately need.

With that in mind and realizing the individual nature of that path because we are all individually broken in various ways, here are some questions that might help in dealing with challenging opportunities presented through people:

1. “How can I shine love, hope, peace and acceptance to this person?”

2. “What lesson does Divine Love have for me to learn from this being made in the image of the Divine and placed in my life in this exact moment because The Divine allowed it?”

To have “Peace that passes all understanding” we must first rest in Perfect Love beyond human comprehension from The Divine Almighty Who is in control of all things.

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