Love first, Love last, Love Always!

The identifying mark of a true follower of Christ is their Love for their fellow man! It was never, is not and never will be their preoccupation with sin. In fact a preoccupation with sin is what causes Christians to stumble and fall!


As such if we are to Be like God we are to Be Unconditional Love. This is not “love the sinner but hate the sin” thinking it’s Just Love Everyone and let that Light of Love, Peace, Hope and Grace grow in you as you realize the Freedom that was given to you by Christ! 

“You are No Longer under the law, you are under Grace” and “Faith without works is dead” is talking about works of Faith! The more get this, the Greater you will have a spiritual smile even as the world around you goes crazy because you will grow in the knowledge of His Power and ability!

In short to Be like God, Be about growing in Love Not law or ritualistic religious behavior which creates a false sense of security!

The Greater I see His Love to Be

The greater my Peace, Hope, Faith

And Love for others becomes!