Love, Healing our past ..

The on growing work of Love beyond human comprehension allows us to look into The Divine’s mirror of our soul and Heal because of some basic things that are vitally necessary for Grace to grow:

1. We are all In the Healing process – my dad was a great guy, but my dad like all of us wasn’t completely healed until his last exhale. As I look into The Divine’s mirror of my soul I see an image of my father’s unresolved pain, how it affects me and my love for others and in seeing this The Divine who is Love beyond human comprehension can accept that in me and I can heal.

2. Imperfection in our relationships Here and Now Is a big part of the healing process – when we struggle with each other it’s because we struggle with part of our spirit that Needs to heal. To discover this look into the Divine’s Mirror of your soul and be humble about healing you need by asking, “Why did I respond that way?”

3. Recognize the need humbly with Thanksgiving understand that it’s a weak point – when we understand our flaws, humbly approach The Divine Who Is Love beyond human comprehension realizing that while we are Already perfect in the soul because of The Divine Gift But still have healing to do in human areas – then we begin to heal that area. When we are Grateful for that lesson we see another Amazing element to The Divine – Divine Grace beyond comprehension.

4. Humbly walk in this knowledge and understanding – Growing in Grace keeps us humble, Growing in understanding Divine Goodness keeps us Grateful and Growing to Rest in The Gift develops Peace – All this is beyond human comprehension as it is Divine.

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High (Love) will abide in the shadow of the Almighty (Love).” Psalm 91

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