The reason why we fail to love is that we fail to see the state of The Beloved in which we all life and the reason we are in that state.

As human beings we seek understanding instead of Rest. We seek answers instead of Rest. We are still tempted daily to bite the apple that looks good as that “doing More” will make us more – not understanding the “Finished” state we can easily accept and Rest in.

So what does this look like to Rest in our “Finished” state of Being instead of doing:

1) We accept our state of Being made Perfect in the spiritual sight of The Only One that matters, because of “The Indescribable Gift.”

2) We realize and Rest in the equality of every soul as Being The Divines Beloved, because of “The Indescribable Gift.”

3) We are open to and accepting of all moments and beings that come into and out of our lives as we know they are All here and now sent to us, because of “The Indescribable Gift.”

The “Finished” state of our being originated from “The Indescribable Gift” that was shown to us by Perfect Love which was made most evident in the Sacrifice of Christ.

It was always the plan for All Beings to Rest in this “Finished” state and if you would like to see the roadmap that brought me to this idea it’s at the link below. Please feel free to share it, Please translate it, distribute it and let it open souls to life like it has for many:

Let The Journey Begin!

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15

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