Mans pride creates the very ideas that destroy him. But what if man could just accept Devine mysteries that we are All not sure of, what if the idea of God really was accepted “by Faith” and not by pride:
*We would begin to accept the idea that we Really don’t know how God will judge each of us. In other words we would be following Gods Grace instead of mans idea of grace which varies with culture, generation and other factors. Thus we would be more accepting and loving toward each other.
*We would begin to be less defensive of our limited view of God and allow others to live in peace, therefore creating more peace for me and my family as well. Thus we could have a more peaceful life.
*We would begin to have a greater ability to forgive others as we would be able to understand each others weaknesses to a greater degree. Thus we could live in a greater sense of love and harmony with each other.
*We would begin grow in the idea that God Is Love which would allow us to open our hearts to the hurting and welcome them with open arms. Thus we would be “the light of the world.”
You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” … Matthew 5:14
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