Love and time

When we spend our time on Love we spend our time on The Divine purpose for our being here and now.

We were created to realize Love and to give love to the best of our scared souls ability in the moment we are giving it. A few reasons for us being designed that way are:

  1. In realizing Love given to us we realize Who and What The Divine Is. in this there is Freedom, Peace and Hope which creates a Beautiful Life.

  2. In realizing Love given “All fear” is taken away from us. When we do fear we need to simply “be still and know that” The Divine Is Perfect Love beyond human comprehension and fear is vanquished.

  3. In realizing Love for our scarred souls we recognize the depth of The Divines Relentless desire to Love imperfect beings with Perfect Love and in doing that a deeper Resting in Divine Love and acceptance of who we were made to be allows for a wonderful Life.

  4. In giving love we open up a resting place for our fellow strugglers, and we are all struggling. The greater we realize the Love from Above, the greater the resting place we can help provide. This is why Perfect Love keeps bringing people that challenge our love-ability.

  5. In giving love we shine The Divine image that is within us which allows us to connect with The Divine image in others and thereby create greater bonds between us Here and Now which creates greater peace between us and grows Joy among all.

  6. In giving love we realize our highest purpose for Being. And when we recognize this as our highest purpose a new sense of richness develops so that life has new meaning and love in every moment of life begins to appear – this grows a smile that makes Life Abundant and Exceedingly a Great Journey home to Perfect Love.

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