Most of humanity chooses to hide from Love because Love calls for us to Rest not in ourselves and our work and our ability but in “The Gift Beyond Compare” that is unseen, unbelievable and improbable.

“This Gift makes sense” we think and in our humanness and in human common sense we are Absolutly NOT correct!



Though they dig down to the depths below,from there my hand will take them.Though they climb up to the heavens above, from there I will bring them down.” – Amos 9:2



And so man runs, egged on by satan, the god of MORE or whatever you call him. As a result of the running we get lost in so many different things. Everything from drugs, money, religion, power and a myriad of other pain relievers.

God, The God Who Is Love in His infinite wisdom and mercy gently and earnestly pleads with us to enter and recognize His Love for us. His Complete, Eternal, Unconditional and Life Giving LOVE for us but most, including Christians Never find this.

For the Christian, most of the time religion takes the place of Faith and “doing MORE” is simply thier drug of choice to keep from accepting the powerless state and His Grace that changes it.

As a result God will allow calamity to happen, pain like never before thought possible will fall upon a person, nation or the earth because God simply wants to Be with us in the Beautiful garden He created.


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