To live in the moment to moment awareness that there is Nothing you are required to do to Be and stay in His Love – this Is Peace passes All human understanding!

To know that The God Who is Love beyond human ability to conceive holds man hand and walks before me to clear the path and with me to be my constant companion – this is Joy unspeakable!

To know that each and every tear, pain, bump and bruise was, is and always will be allowed by The God Who Is Love that is incomprehensible to the combined brain power of all humanity, past, present and future – this is Hope that surpasses All possible human wisdom!

To know that All – His Peace, His Joy and His Hope Is the mission and the journey of Grace!

To Live in this knowledge Is Grace-Full Living, Abundant Living and Life beyond your dreams All made possible by the cross, the Ultimate symbol of the Ultimate Love!

Let The Journey Begin!

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