The more I KNOW about God the less people will see His Love, find His Hope and be able to enjoy His Peace – ask yourself this – What does God really want with a deep passion – for you to be right or for others to see His Great Love for them?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”Genesis 1:1

There is very little that I know about God! In fact there is less than very little that I know about God – and I am Totally ok with that! There is very little that I need to know about God! I am totally ok with this as well!

Knowing produces ego and ego kills Love! God Is Love and He sent His only Son to prove that and show some of His immense Love He has for you and me!

Do I know where the ark is? Do I know how many animals were on it? Do I know if this or that happened exactly the way it was recorded in the Bible? No, but I don’t really care either!

Look at Jesus – look at what He cared about, what He talked about, who He ran around with and what was the primary purpose for His very existence – take all that, boil it down and you will find it can be summed up into one word – LOVE!

What got Jesus so ticked off that He flipped over tables in the Temple, called people names and told them they were Not going to be welcome in His kingdom can be summed up in one word as well – Legalism!

Legalism separates you from God, others and yourself in a very real way! I know I watched this happen in my youth to multiple people in churches and religious groups!

The simple answer is this – Let God Be God and Let God Be in large part mystery and Be ok with that!

My only mission here is to Love and most days I screw that up – that’s Grace! My only purpose here is to shine His Love, Joy and Peace and I am imperfect at that in a Big way – that’s Grace! I am Not under the law, I have nothing to prove and frankly if you do we will not talk long before I will walk away as I find that ego damages the Spirit that God has allowed me By Grace through Faith to enjoy!

God Is Love - what else is so important that we need to alienate ourselves from others?

God Is Love – what else is so important that we need to alienate ourselves from others?