Did any of God’s servants ever promote human trafficking?

Did God ever support it?

Until we get over the idea that God is in large part a mystery, Grace will elude us as a head knowledge is not what God seeks but a heart that Loves without conditions is the primary element to the Grace-Full!

Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.” Numbers 31:17-18

The above words were spoken by a very angry Moses upon hearing that the soldiers of Israel didn’t take complete vengeance as The Lord had instructed on the Midianites. This was basically another group that God said, “Take my vengeance out on them and destroy them!”

This is also a picture of God that many use to say, “See how bad He is, how could you follow Him?” Many Christians struggle with this picture of God and in fact this idea of God is so prevalent in many denominations that it is the cause for a great many facing depression and despair!

Do I struggle with this and is this a difficult one to be under Grace and be ok with?

No, not really. Grace once again accepts two basic concepts that allow for the mystery of God:

  1. Jesus – “By His stripes we were healed” – this healing was a reconnection with God! Not that we did anything but that He did everything and as such the law is no longer valid for those who believe!
  2. Faith – “By Grace through Faith” – Faith in God means Faith in the idea that He controls Everything! This is not always easy to see or follow but as we grow to accept it we become more accepting of what is and more Peaceful in every moment. Not to say that you won’t have some difficult moments but more and more you will begin to see those moments as His and He is a mystery most of the time.

Do I know why bad things happen and why poverty is so prevalent in certain parts of the world and why in the case above God and His servant Moses basically just ordered human trafficking for the virgins? No way! I have no idea and I am OK with not knowing!

By the same token do I know that God will say “NO!” to homosexuals and yet allow all the adulterous religious people who have divorced and remarried into Heaven?

NOPE! And if you were being honest and not religious neither do you!


Living Mystery -2