There is a yoke of slavery and that yokes power and strength comes from the law! Its not that the law is bad as long as it brings me to this crazy Freedom that allows me to Love ALL without judgment or condemnation – in that case the law has done its job. The trouble is many try to hold onto the law and in that holding on they make themselves and in many cases all those around them spiritually sick which like any sickness leads to others elements being sick like emotional, social and intellectual – Care to see what healing looks like?

What yoke are you wearing?

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” – Galatians 5:1

Why did Jesus set us Free?

What does it mean to “stand firm”?

Yes as you can guess by what I write this is one of my favorite passages! In this passage and book of the Bible Paul is calling us to grasp that the law is no longer our master – Christ has set us free from that and now Grace and Freedom through a relationship with God secure All who accept and draw near!

Jesus set us Free for a very simple reason – Freedom is the Only way to have a Real Relationship with God!

No shame, condemnation or guilt will keep you from the Fathers Love now! No law, rule or regulation separates a Believer from God – with God there is Only Love, Joy, Acceptance and Peace!

STAND FIRM in this knowledge of your Relationship! There are many who would have you under the yoke of law and struggling again! Don’t listen to them.

God’s plan and His will is not difficult to process. It looks like this –

1)    You are Free from law and condemnation!

2)   You understand this and that creates a shock at first. Some use this as a time to go wild and do whatever they want but Love gently calls them back.

3)   Once you understand even a little bit of His Gift through Jesus and the cross an overwhelming sense of Gratitude takes over! This is the stage where you begin to see God Everywhere!

4)   This creates a light of Love, Peace and Acceptance like Jesus had for All He met! As this grows in you lives are changed for those people you meet!

Stand Firm! Never let those who are trying to buy, work for or earn a relationship with God take your Joy and Real Relationship away!