The greatest challenge facing the church and Christianity today is to teach the Righteousness that was revealed in the gospel as opposed to the ones revealed in politics, money, power and other things that can be seen!

For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.” – Romans 1:17

The first 10 words of this verse speak an eternity of value to the wounded souls that walk among us! The first 10 words speak of setting the captive Free, giving sight to the blind and Life to the walking dead of religion!

What do I mean? In a word GRACE! In a word FAITH!

I don’t need to prove God exist, I don’t need to campaign for a political party or find “blessings in material things – I just need to REST in HIM for in that rest is FAITH which IS the Righteousness of God that was revealed in the gospel!

Crazy – Yes! But then nothing in God’s kingdom makes human sense – that is its beauty and its challenge! Overcome the challenge of Trusting what you can’t see and life becomes a Blast!

But in that challenge IS Righteousness. For that challenge asks you to step off the deep end and rest that His Love will allow you to float. This challenge tells you to jump off the cliff of common sense and rest to Him to keep you in each and every moment of life in His Love and mercy!

It’s far easier after all to have a righteousness based on accomplishment – I mean after all I can see the accomplishment and I can check the boxes of accomplishment – right? Look I was in church 3 times last week, paid my tithe like the law and the preacher said I should, I didn’t kill anyone (although I wanted to), I even opened the door for that old lady and after all I am not some bum, I am providing a good living for my family. Let’s not forget all those blessings God has given me, a nice house, big truck and good job! As long as I don’t do any of those “big sins” I will be just fine – right?

It is Exactly this thinking above that causes people to distrust the church, leave in disgust, commit suicide and basically see God as just another religion designed to lull people into a false sense of reality and I totally agree with them but for a Very different reason!

The reason is called GRACE! By Grace through Faith IS the key to the Righteousness that God wants each of us to have! It was revealed in the gospel, it is The Good News of the Gospel and my prayer and earnest heart’s desire and indeed my life’s mission is that the scales would fall from the eyes of the religious multitude and His Grace would be revealed!

Why do I know this to be true? Because just like some of you reading this and beginning to feel certain discomforts in your body as you ingest what I am saying, I used to fill that church pew!

My journey into Grace through Faith started after being interned into my second and happy to say last lock down psych hospital when a man shared 7 simple questions with me found here:

Want to stop living by sight and start living by Faith? The above link is a good starting point! Another is just looking up and saying, “God teach me Truth of how to be closer to You!” Don’t be surprised if you lose everything on the way to gaining the Only thing that matters!


Life can be a Party!