Need some travel snacks?


Did you get your Peace yet?


Your ancestors ate the manna in the wilderness, yet they died. But here is the bread that comes down from heaven, which anyone may eat and not die.” – John 6:49-50


What is the Permanence of Christ?


At the point where you accepted Christ – you became a New Creation! Its permanent, unchangeable, can’t go back and be a half caterpillar with Christ! You are a Beautiful butterfly!


The trouble is satan would rather trip you up just like he did the children of Israel on the manna (the bread of angels). The children of Israel forgot where they came from and Who saved them and instead of Free Manna from Heaven they wanted steak from Outback. In fact it got so bad Moses asked God if, “why God do you punish your servant by having me have to put up with these people!”


Funny thing about the Children of Israel in the desert – they behaved just like modern Christians do now. Today we see Christians who think Jesus isn’t enough, they have to “do more” than He has already finished on the cross! They want steak from Outback instead of Jesus! People forget the heavy burden of the slavery to the law that they could never satisfy and that always wants MORE!


Would you like a Peace of Bread?


This Peace takes away the need for the law!


This Peace starts a journey that never ends toward The Light of Love that gets brighter with each and every step of Faith that we take!


This Peace takes away All your guilt, shame and condemnation!


This Peace gives you Fruits you could never taste on your own and never will attain by your effort!


This Peace is Peace Here and Now because you develop complete Peace about whatever past you had and as that grows you increase Trust and rest in what the future holds as you get to know Who holds it!

Did Jesus finish the job?