What is the way to peace and life?

Does one road look the same to everyone?

Is there a road where everyone is stuck at the same spot?

Jesus answered,I am the way” John 14:6

If your way is your works- that’s not Jesus!

If your way is your effort- that’s not Jesus!

If your way is your church- that’s not Jesus!

Jesus is THE WAY!

What does that mean?

1)    Loves others unconditionally

2)   Humbleness of Being- Son of God yet He used that power only to heal

3)   Totally Non-judgmental

4)   Forgiveness that is beyond human comprehension

5)   Focuses on Being, Here and Now- No past regrets and no future expectations

6)   Brings Hope to the hopeless

7)   Angered by those who would shame and guilt others

Here is a meditation for you today. Find a time and a place where you probably won’t be disturbed and start by taking several deep breaths and with every exhale really relax your facial muscles and jaw. See Him taking the stress you have and really relax into your breathing. Close your eyes but stay as relaxed as possible and as you breath normally again think about the seven traits mentioned above and:

Breathe in and say:

Jesus You alone
Breathe out and say:

Are The Way

Practice this meditation until you begin to see yourself having more of the qualities mentioned above. Following Christ as THE WAY isn’t about the rule book it’s about the Heart of Love that He had and is so desperately needed in the world today.

Don’t Worry- Be Grace-Full!!


Yes it really is that light of a yoke and that easy a burden!