What healed people then and heals people now?

He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” – Mark 5:34

At some point if a Christian is honest they need to ask themselves some questions one of which is this:

What is my vision or belief on Who God is?

With regard to this passage the choices are:

1)    A retired old man in the sky who just gave up on us all.

2)   An impotent potentate who has lost His power.

3)   The God of All the universe Who Loves you radically and cares deeply for you more than you could ever know and has in this very moment placed you exactly where you are, exactly the way you are to share the radical Love He has for you and others!

A quick follow up question is this – when did God heal me?

If He hasn’t you haven’t met Him!

You see no one who ever met Jesus went away unchanged! No one – not a soul who honestly met Him, understood Who He was and the Love He had for them was ever left unhealed and this includes you!

Your healing was this – at the moment you met Him or will meet Him – He takes away your sin – past, present and future, reestablishes and reconnects you to Almighty God in a Love based relationship that nothing from that point forward can ever alter and Ends once and for all, ALL condemnation for you by placing you under Grace and removing you from the law once and for all!

Here is the problem – most Christians don’t get it! They don’t get how complete the healing was and instead they have a head knowledge that they are no longer under the law while the heart is in a state of performance driven incompetence due to what someone of diminished spiritual capacity has yelled at them from a church pulpit!

God Is Not Complicated – He wants to show you His Great Love, Compassion and Forgiveness – And it’s right there waiting for you to see IF you will just open yourself to the idea that the person yelling at you about God hating parts of you that He placed in you and hasn’t healed for a specific reason, actually that person yelling at you about how God will punish that part of you has no idea what he is talking about! The person yelling was also taught by people of diminished spiritual capacity and feels condemnation just like you!

Care to start the healing? Go to the link below and find the 7 questions in between the scripture – the questions are in ALL CAPS, BOLD and BLUE. Start by taking a look at them and giving some earnest thought to them and writing down the answers you get from them:





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Array on Jesus – in His own words! 2

  1. rfullerworks says:

    Thank you Bob your questions are helpful. I don’t understand “For through the law I died to the law, that I might live to God.” Is this because Jesus was crucified under the law? is the law only the ten commandments or secular laws too? Rod

    • Bob Hildreth says:

      Thank you for the question Rod. Jesus died because of the law when I received Him I died as well because I received and accepted the fact that because of His physical death – All my penalties and All the distance between God and I and All that was needed to make me righteous was Done, completed Once and for All! All that I have to do is accept that “Believe in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ” and its done.
      Am I still bound by the laws of man? Well yes and no – will I make every effort to abide by the law – yes and no. I will know that whatever law I break and the punishment I get from it is God’s plan for me.
      This is where I am at in my journey so far – what I write is about the Freedom God offers on a spiritual plane.
      Thank you again,


  2. rfullerworks says:

    Bob, can you help me with, “Therefore the law has become out tutor to lead us to Christ, that we may be justified by faith?”I had a dream that I was evil the week I was led to God. When I woke up, I knew I needed to repent. I just find the New Testament very difficult to understand, and I wonder if we would be better off without Paul’s letters. You seem to need an enormous amount of study and revelation to understand what he is getting at. Rod

    • Bob Hildreth says:

      Thank you Rod, I can try.
      The law is still Very much enforced and in place “for those under the law” – those who haven’t accepted Christ yet! The law is good in that it creates the need and shows me the reason why I need The One Who takes away ALL condemnation – Jesus! The law made me feel that condemnation, shame and it was and for many still is a heavy burden – but then when you accept Christ “ALL things become new!”

      To me Paul’s letter are an echo of what Christ said “Love God and Love others and thus fulfill ALL the law and the prophets!” Jesus was teaching Grace – He says “Follow my teaching” He doesn’t say follow the law. He says “Follow Me!” He doesn’t say follow Moses and the law better.

      Hope this helps brother,


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