It’s All About The Love!
It’s His Unconditional Love that drew me to Him and keeps me following Him!
It’s His Eternal Love that creates Peace that surpasses All understanding Here and Now because I can Rest knowing His Love Never changes!
It’s His Love beyond compare that produces Joy as I grasp that no other love can create Growing Joy that increases as I understand it’s ever expanding and never ending boundaries!
It’s His Passionate Love for me that develops Thank-Fullness which results in True Praise and Worship!
It’s His Patient Love that extends a Compassionate heart in me so that His Light of Love can shine through me to All!
In short ALL Good things come from His Love Not the law of Moses! It’s Not about my doing – It’s All about His Love!

Let The Journey Begin!
ALL Good things

Come from a 

Growing Understanding of

His Wondrous Love!

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