Perfect Love cast out ALL fear!

ALL FEAR IS GONE! This is a key point between a Grace based relationship and the law based religion that satan would love to keep you under! If the devil can make you fear – you are no longer looking at The One who can walk on water and bids you “come walk with me on the waves of life and we will smile through it all!” 

Be it a wave from the past, present or the big wave you see in the future – if you stay centered on His Great Love for you, if you expand your concept of His Love for you as this Perfect Love that drives out ALL fear – Life just gets better and better even when the biggest surf comes pounding around you!

So how does this happen, how do we practice an awareness and grow an ever increasing heart knowledge of His eternal and unconditional Love for us? By being still and waiting! By being still and meditating on His Goodness, His Power and His Presence! If you are like me this can mean that this lesson is relearned often and that’s ok – Abba Loves having His children in His lap and just Loving on them!

In my daily routine – no matter where I am I take time every morning to center myself on His Truth by meditating on Who He Is! But more and more I am finding that there are days and times when I need to slow the world down and do this in the middle of the day or at night as well. I find a quiet place to just close my eyes and breathe and as I breathe in and I, I remind myself of scripture like this:

Breathe in and say:

“His Grace is”

Breathe out and say:

“Sufficient for me”

Breathe in and say:

“His Love is”

Breathe out and say:


Create your own words based on scripture that ministers to you and reminds you that no matter what happened, is happening or will happen you are Abbas child and Nothing will ever separate you from His Perfect Love which cast out ALL fear!
For leaving fear in your rear view mirror, I would like to suggest keeping your eyes on Perfect Love by looking at the link below:

Let The Journey Begin!