Is Loves journey uncomfortable at times?


Is it possible that one of the lessons Jesus delivered was how uncomfortable Love is at times?


Can we really grow in our faith if we are too comfortable?



Then a teacher of the law came to Him and said, ‘Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.’ Jesus replied,Foxes have holes and birds have nest, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head.’ – Matthew 8:19-22


If you break free of that which ties you to comfort it can be an amazing ride. This has been my experience and one that I highly recommend for a spiritual path.


What does that mean? Well which one of the 7 billion people wants to know as I think it is probably different for each of us.


Perhaps letting go of the “comfort zone” means asking yourself some really tough questions like:


“Why do all my friends think exactly like me and is that helping me to grow and Love others or be exclusive?”




“Why am I so afraid of what someone else would say or think that I am not willing to open up to hurt and what is really going on inside me?”




“Why is it that no homeless or prostitutes are ever in my church service didnt Jesus come for the sick?”




“What would happen if I suggested inviting these people to my church or social group – would they be welcomed or judged?”


Perhaps Love is different for each person as each person is different and needs to see things in a unique way to find God. But here is a word of caution – Love will, if it is true be uncomfortable at times – at least this has been my experience, otherwise you are not growing in that Love or following a path of Love.


Jesus when one “teacher of the law” told Him he wanted to follow Him (the path of Love) said it this way,


Foxes have holes and birds have nest, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head


And when one of His own disciples said he had other matters to tend to like burying his father Jesus said,


Follow me and let the dead bury their own dead.”


What does all that mean?


Could it mean that following Him and following Love wont always be the most popular path? After all He had no shortage of enemies.


Could it mean that Love and giving of yourself needs to come before comfort and any other obligation?


If you are afraid of being uncomfortable, following Jesus will be impossible as it really is a soul changing experience.


Have a Grace-Full Week!!


Loves Discomfort