It has All been completed, All you need to do is accept that idea in Faith and Rest in the knowledge that you didn’t, can’t and won’t ever “do” Anything to deserve it.

The greatest trick of the “god of MORE” is to convince you that His Grace is not enough, you have to “try” to work hard and whatever you don’t get in the law God will forgive you because of His Son.

Do you see how a little bit of truth corrupts the whole plan of resting in Gods Love through Faith in Christ?

Be careful,” Jesus said to them. “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” – Matthew 16:6

It is so very easy to get into a very comfortable law coffin and forget about Faith altogether – churches promote this type of religion instead of teaching the Relationship taught in the gospel.

The Truth is He Is The Only Way because the law, your works and all the good things you have done don’t add up to a thimble full of goodness. The Truth is that the reason He Is The Only Way is that He is Not a self improvement plan, He Is a Rest in me Spiritual Reality which makes “His Grace Sufficient for me!”

Would you like to know how to live in the Love based Spiritual Reality that His Gift completed you? Click on the link below to grow into Peace that passes All understanding, Hope that passes All darkness, Perfect Love that drives out All fear and leave the condemnation of the law behind:


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Is it over for you?