In and through is it you?

Is God allowing something in your life you dont understand?

Do we ever see the results of faith fully?

Please read Daniel 6:16-23

I have found in my own life God works “in” and “through” what is happening to me and around me.

His work “in” what is happening is usually something I can see and grow from IF I am mindful of the lesson.

But His work “through” what is happening is something I can many times not see or understand at all.

What I mean is this “in” moments where I can see that I need to learn to wait on him- I learn to trust Him more and I learn patience. “Through” those moments others see what is happening in me and to me and I may never know or see how others are affected completely.

Vs. 16 So the king gave the order, and they brought Daniel and threw him into the lions den. The king said to Daniel, “May your God, whom you serve continually rescue you!”

Daniel must have had faith the size of the universe! But I think there was probably at least a bit of “God are you sure about this?” going on.

For me the main thing to see here is that Daniel accepted this path because he knew God is in control. God knows the time and the place where we are going to die and we cant bargain our way out of it. In fact to try to live longer or to live with the thought that we can change our appointed time and date takes our eyes off of Loving others and gets it focused inwardly again.

So Live and Love as if this is your last day and your last breath and God will take care of the rest.

Because of Daniel allowing God to work “in” him and “in” the lions den, because Daniel was “found innocent in His sight”- an entire kingdom found God “through” Daniels situation!

Jesus can make you innocent as well. If you have already accepted Him you are innocent and blameless before God. Is God trying to work “in” you so He can work “through” you? 

Whats in your lions den?

Dont worry- Be Grace-Full

We are healed by His stripes- not our effort!

We are healed by His stripes- not our effort!