Impossibly Provided


The law was given to teach us the impossibility of our efforts on a Spiritual level. We will Always thirst for more as long as law and religious effort equal goodness in our idea of who we are.



The system was created that way so we could have a Wonderful life and “never thirst again” in a Spiritual sense But that can Only happen if we “come to me (Jesus) and drink.”



They did not thirst when he led them through the deserts; he made water flow for them from the rock; he split the rock and water gushed out.” … Isaiah 48:21



The similarities and correlation between the children of Israel coming out of slavery and us coming out of slavery are incredible.


The one similaritie I want us to examine here however is “the rock” and the “thirst” … there is a strong GraceFull lesson here.


1) For the children of Israel “He split the rock” and for us “He split The Rock” … both waters came as His Gift.


2) For the children of Israel “They did not thirst” and for us “never thirst again” … both waters provided and provide life.


3) For the children of Israel they were working on physical needs … but Christ talked of “Never thirst again” because what He offers is from the GraceFull River of Life that quenches the soul of All thirst.


Care to see how to drink from the GraceFull River? Click the link below and Please feel Free to share if it means something to you:



Let The Journey Begin!