Impossibly “FINISHED”



To begin to understand The Divine, let Them be Divine and us be human and know there is a difference.



“GOD Is LOVE” and man hasnt the foggest clue how The Divine works or what Perfect LOVE even looks like. This is just one example of how we short change The Devine into our liking Which for me is the definition of religion … Especially American christianity.



“and also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases: Mary (called Magdalene) from whom seven demons had come out;” … Luke 8:2



Among the many following Jesus around in the desert there were a group of women of which one was Mary Magdalene. So lets look at some “Impossibly “Finished” work that The Devine does:



1) Takes away your past demons … All the pain and hurt of the past is “Finished” by Faith Alone.



2) Takes away the demon of perfectionism here and now by removing me from the jurisdiction of the law which Thanks to Jesus is “Finished” by Faith Alone.



3) Takes away future demons of a performance based life by making all who believe “Reconciled”, “Justified”, and “Redeemed” and by Faith Alone. (Note All the words in past tense are used to describe the state of All Who believe)



In short we need to stop thinking we know the limits of The Divine and Start Resting in His LOVE for us. In short we need to see The Perfect Peace that is Here and Now If we believe He “Finished” Everything we needed for Righteousness by His sacrafice on the cross.



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Let The Journey Begin!