A few men can change history but Only God can change eternity! The greatest challenge and the most successful lie of satan throughout the centuries has been that the change made by Christ was just a moment in history and Not eternity!

At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split” – Matthew 27:51

Behind the curtain was that which few ever saw with their own eyes. Behind the curtain was that which Only the most exclusive would ever see and be in the presence of – but then came Jesus and He Ripped that curtain from top to bottom with a rip that cannot and will not ever be repaired!

What does this mean for you?

It means that everything that kept you from God is gone! It means that the relationship Adam and Eve had before the fall with God Almighty has been restored and the laws job is finished for all who believe!

It means the battle is over sin is defeated and the power of sin (the law) has ended for All who believe! It means that when the earth shook and the rocks split (the law was written on stone tablets)  there was from that time forward throughout all eternity no more separation between you and God the very foundations of the earth had changed at that moment, that very second!

What concerns me most, almost cost me my life and is the most successful satanic attack of all times is to convince you that instead of what is above – Jesus just came to start a new morality – also known as watered down Grace, a lukewarm relationship because its half law and half Grace and All miserable!

If you want to live a condemnation free live believe in The One who came here to take it away. If you want to hang onto shame and guilt and pain – stay religious! Yes it really does boil down to that!

The reason the curtain split from top to bottom in an irreparable fashion is because God wanted to make sure you knew – the relationship was back, the laws job was finished for all who believed His door was Open!

Does the law still have a role? YES! It was my tutor it brought me to Christ – that’s it! This is why Christ IS the end of the law for All who believe!

Please Believe!


Let your love change things!