Life – some are concerned how they will live it, some are concerned about the hereafter and the very few have learned a lesson of the cross – Forgive like there was no yesterday and LOVE like there is no tomorrow!

And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit.” – Matthew 27:50

If I were to sum up the life of Christ as an example for all of us it would be this – Live Loving! If I were to sum up the death of Christ as an example for All of us it would be this – Die Loving!

May God Almighty allow me the honor to live and die like Christ!

How did Christ actually physically die? He died Loving! He died smiling and giving hope to those around the cross EVEN those who put Him there! This is Love! This is Love beyond any possible human conception of what it means to Love!

And This IS The Love From Above He has for You!

The reason most never get Grace is that they honestly in their heart don’t get how the God of All creation could possible Love them like this!

The strongest lie of satan is not that God doesn’t exist – it’s that you nor I are truly Loved like HE Alone Loves us! This is why the pervasive lie of still being under the law is so strong and deadly – the law was created to give you guilt and shame to drive you TO Christ NOT to be an indicator of Being “in Christ!”

The Fruits of the Spirit are an indicator of someone Being “in Christ” but being there or not – It’s NOT my position to know – JUST LOVE!

The message of the cross is JUST LOVE! The message of Christ is JUST LOVE! The message of the Gospel is JUST LOVE!

The law did NOT make Jesus perfect or righteous – LOVE DID THAT! The Bible says the pioneer of our Faith was “perfected in His suffering!” Why is that? Because He was suffering for YOU! His Love made Him suffer so that His Peace could now Be your constant companion – but this only happens with the end of the law – which Christ is “for ALL who believe!”

Get Radical!