I once met a man on the beaches of Ranong Thailand who was dressed in the only thing he owned, a loin cloth. He didn’t have a tooth in his head or a penny to his name. The only family he had, had been killed in a devastating Tsunami. He was old and very dark skinned with wrinkles upon wrinkles and one foot that wasn’t working very well and hard for him to walk on. Yet every evening at sunset, he invited me to sit on the beach and see how blessed he was by watching the sunset.


I learned a lot in Ranong Thailand, mostly from a man in a loin cloth on a beach!


Though hail flattens the forest and the city is leveled completely, how blessed you will be, sowing your seed by every stream, and letting your cattle and donkeys range free.” – Isaiah 32:19-20


The Unlimited God creates The Unlimited Life Here and Now – Not just in the sweet by and by!


How does that work?


First, you have to grasp what The Unlimited God means. The Unlimited God made you Exactly as you are in this very moment and He did that for a Reason! I have known people who have battled with alcohol their whole life but they were wonderful witnesses to fellow drunks in the middle of the night in bars all around the world!

IF change needs to happen it will in many cases take a long time or a lifetime and that is obviously ok as God IS All powerful and as proven at salvation made you perfect at the point that you accepted Him – you do NOT ever again become imperfect as that would imply that the washing by God is Not complete!


Second, you need to understand the Unlimited Nature of God! GOD IS LOVE! Not love like fickle human love that is earned or given to get in return – This is DIVINE LOVE given Freely and given to those who hate Him, His Love and the very thought of Jesus! This is Love that when you were and are at your absolute worst – is always there to wrap you in strong, protective arms and offer you a Heavenly kiss by Abba Father on the forehead!


Third, you need to understand the Unlimited Path God has for you! You see if we believe that God is Unlimited and His Love for us is beyond our ability to grasp – then each and every moment, person, problem, situation, breath and all that surrounds us on this Path of His Amazing Grace was given to us by Him! Get this, Grasp this with your heart and Not just your head and LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! Miss this and God becomes a cosmic pain in the neck for you on most days and at any given moment!



Be Unlimited Now!