There are very few absolutes in the kingdom of God but Love is One of them because God Is Love! Your Grace-Full Christmas Present number 7 is this absolute – The darker the night, The Greater His Light! In short form gd=GL this will serve you well – great darkness=Greater Light! Gods Greatest moments of ability and amazing actions come from the darkest times and moments in history – so REST in FAITH in HIM!

He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over Jacob’s descendants forever; his kingdom will never end.”’ – Luke 1:32-33

The Bible is a beautiful book of patterns IF we are spiritually awake to see them. One of the problems with the law is that as long as one is under the spiritual delusion that “doing” equates with goodness they will not be able to see these patterns or have them applied in their lives!

With this in mind take a look at the pattern here, it’s very common and I have written about it in similar situations before but in short it this; “The darker the night, The Greater His Light!”

Here is this Very fearful young Jewish virgin who has always tried her best to do the right thing and WOW did she get hit with a ton of bricks! Not only is she being visited by angels, not only will her virginity be taken away by The Holy Spirit but now she is being told she will be the mother of “the Son of the Most High” – No Pressure!

Did we happen to mention that He would be born in a stable, in lowly conditions and one day bring disgrace on you and your family?

No Gabriel didn’t mention that and here is why:

1. God knows how much we can handle – Rest in His ability even in the midst of our inability!

2. We don’t need to see all the tomorrows – Rest in His Love and Ability Here and Now!

3. Faith grows a little at a time as we – Rest in what IS, knowing He allowed all that was and He has all that will be!

Whatever is Not of Faith IS sin! Faith IS Resting in Him!

This is why it’s easier for a hooker to find Faith in God than it is a fortune 500 type – the hooker is tired, uncomfortable and basically a mess in desperate need! This is why it’s easier for someone who is an outcast to be “made right” with God than it is a religious leader. This is why it’s easier for the depressed, the afflicted, the bipolar, the alcoholic and the drug addict to find His Rest than it is the pew warmer!

Pain, suffering and great fear and distress are Blessings in His kingdom because they create the Perfect conditions for Faith to Grow like a weed! The more we realize this, the more Peace we have as we can rest in the darkest of nights!


Grace-Full CP - 7