Most people filing up church pews live as if Christ death was a suicide. Why do I say this and how is the death of Christ a suicide for so many? In short because most have indeed “set aside the Grace of God” for a half grace religious existence. I know because for a large part of my life I did the exact same thing. This by the way is the same reason why Christians are panicking in the states over the election – Faith in Christ is unfaith in yourself.



I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!” – Galatians 2:21



Setting Grace aside was a Huge issue in the early church and I believe a larger one today. This is exactly the way the god of MORE or the devil wants it because he knows that Grace is a Real Relationship with God Almighty and in such it empowers the Believer beyond what the Believer can see, taste, touch or hear.

Lets examine how the religious set aside Grace:


1)Comfort laws – the religious follow the laws they can comfortable follow and judge all who don’t – this takes everyone further away from Love, it creates fear in the religious and an exclusivity mindset which causes condemnation in those not following the comfort laws of that group.


2)Works based – the religious perform acts or do certain procedures that make them ok, this is like a scale and hopefully if they work really hard they scale will lean in the favor of their goodness – this creates the “God ATM” mentality which causes a person to wear a mask, perform like a circus chimp and live on a religious roller coaster.


Would you like to see a Grace based way to live Here and Now? If you are ready to Live please dig into the link below:


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