There is a Beautiful process that was designed from the very foundations of the world to heal each and every one of us. This process is the spiritual process of going from guilt, shame and condemnation into Hope, Peace, Grace and Living. Throughout this process the growing awareness of Love beyond human ability to perceive is the driving force and Guide. In this short series “Healing through Love” we will examine this process.



For through the law I died to the law so that I might live for God.” – Galatians 2:19



The law, religious law, explained in painstaking detail in The Bible was created to kill you spiritually and it does its job splendidly if allowed to. The law makes us all equally sin-Full, equally guilty, in short equally in need of Amazing Grace that we will examine in this series.

But for now let’s look at the scripture above. We will Never be declared righteous by law. The law was never designed to make Anyone holy – the law was designed to bring us To HOLY so that He by His sacrifice could make us wHOLeY!


So what does it mean to “live for God” – “God Is Love” and as such what this GraceFull process says is that living for God is living for Love! The law was designed to get you TO this understanding based on inability to keep the law. The law was Never designed to be an evaluative tool for who is righteous as it is used today.


I hope you will join for this whole series to examine this idea completely. In the meantime if you would like to examine this idea more closely please please go to and check out “Let The Journey Begin” or start the “777 Challenge” – Thank you!



Healing through LOVE