Gods plan, your pain and the news today!

God Never waste pain that His children go through! This is a GraceFull reality but a legalistic falsehood. The reason for this is that the Legalist still see consequences of actions but the GraceFull see The God that is out of the box. This has been a slow growth reality for me as growing up legalistic I still at times struggle with this concept but it is growing on me even now.

The god of consequences while making perfect human sense is divinely limited In scope, power and ability! In addition this god is the cosmic customs checker or police god with a big stick! This is the god that still has people following law instead of His voice, rules instead of Love and trying to cram people into group think! This is the god through whom the stripes of Jesus did not heal completely and the captive still has one foot stuck in the cell door!

The God of the GraceFull reality does discipline those He Loves – but He Loves even His enemies! So what does this look like? It looks like Ebola hitting American shores because as a nation we fail to care about others in pain and to Love like Christ Loved! It looks like the church in America coming under persecution because it fails to teach True Grace, wants to exclude certain groups from His flock and make the wealthy comfortable while shunning the poor, hurting and least of these in His kingdom!

The reason for personal pain that I have found in my journey and that of others is Always centered around personal growth! Growing in greater Trust to Him, Rest in His Love for you and/or Love for others – is again from what I have experienced and seen always the reason for personal pain! Being open to this allows you to take an honest look in the mirror and ask yourself and God, “what is this lesson at this moment for?”

Believing in this way Has opened me up to multiple healing, a journey of Peace and Life of and in Abundant Grace!



Because The God of True Grace
Is The Only God that Grows in Goodness!