If we want our land to heal, we have to get our mind off of ourselves and onto loving with no conditions. The greater the number of us that live this way, the greater the healing and the quicker it will happen.


What does this look like?

It looks like a person focusing on helping others instead of worrying about their own feelings, prejudices and preferences toward the person they are helping.

It looks like a smile and a kind word to someone that each of us try to commit to.

It looks like us, you and me, Not caring about our beliefs except for our belief that we were all made in the image of God and being ok with those differences because None of us has actually seen God.

It looks like changing our buying habits to maybe one day a week or some sort of time period saving some money on that expensive coffee and maybe buying a bunch of cold waters on a hot day and handing them to some homeless guys or some outside workers.

It looks like finding creative ways to honor each other – especially the others we don’t know – everyone loves their friends – why not do a “Act of Reckless Kindness” (ARK) to some stranger? This way you begin to see God in all things and all people.


May the LORD now show you kindness and faithfulness, and I too will show you the same favor because you have done this.” 2 Samuel 2:6


Kindness and love is contagious – help spread it today. If you want to see how this relates to God and His plans click the link on the scripture above or any of the hyperlinks on this page.