“The script for self-hatred starts with a distorted view of God” – Brennan Manning “A Glimpse of Jesus”

You will bring them in and plant them on the mountain of your inheritance— the place, LORD, you made for your dwelling, the sanctuary, Lord, your hands established. “The LORD reigns for ever and ever.”’ – Exodus 15:17-18

God’s Love is NOT conditional on your actions!

God’s Goodness is Not based on what you do it’s based on Who He is!

As a young boy growing up I was taught about God’s yo-yo even though it wasn’t often stated it was certainly implied. A “blessing” was a material thing or a loving family or a good job or good health and these “blessings” only came to people who tithed, did the right thing and didn’t do the wrong thing.

The problem was I looked at Jesus and I couldn’t see most of those “blessings” – “Wow – did God not bless His own Son who died on the cross for me”, I thought one day!

Does God hate all the people in third world countries? Was Jesus an American? How does this view of God need to change?

The greatest Blessing I ever received was being knocked on my backside so hard that all I wanted to do was die! Yes ALL I wanted was suicide!

Why was that the greatest Blessing? Because after a lifetime and 9 months in a church pew my image of God was so corrupted and jaded that breathing air caused pain – And that brought me to Grace which I now Live in and Celebrate with every nanosecond I am awake!

Until you are willing to lose it All for a healing of your God-image, most of the time you won’t heal it!

Is it easy to slip back into a non-healing view of God? Oh heck yes it is! That is why above I said every nanosecond I am awake!

But here has been the key for me: God Is Love! God Is All Good, Holy and Peace-Full And because of Christ I am a part of Him Forever! He Loves me beyond my understanding of Love, beyond my actions, beyond my good days and bad days or anything that comes my way! HIS Love is Supreme, Eternal and Unchanging – The same yesterday, today and Forever!

The words above are All based on the cross, my acceptance of His gift which I accepted and His FREE gift that is Not a yo-yo!


Healing our God image!