Why the healings?

Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.” – Mark 10:52

Why are there so many healings in the Bible and why not today?

How long did it take for the healing and why don’t they happen the same way here and now?

There are three points in all of the healings of Jesus that I want to point out:

1)    They were for many various infirmities but never for show!

2)   They were based on the Faith of the one being healed!

3)   They were immediate and permanent!

Jesus healed you as well:

1)    Of All your sin, past, present and future by forgiveness and being the end of the law for All who believe!

2)   The healing He gave to you is based solely on your Faith! Your trust in Him that it is complete and done!

3)   His healing of you is immediate and permanent! Just Believe!

The reason I teach so much on Grace is that most people especially Christians are so misinformed about it! Most Christians still think that the strongest Christian is the one with the most ability to follow the rules and obey the law – that is Not Grace that Is legalism!

Growth after the healing is Not growth in legal observance – its growth in the appreciation of the healing that happened once and for all, immediately and completely!

The healing that we receive on a spiritual level far outweighs Any healing on a physical level! If you suffer from an emotional or physical challenge as I do, I can sympathize – but I would also tell you that Acceptance of who you are, what you are and how you were made, Is the key to healing Here and Now!


Healing here and now!