Are you been healed, cured or stuck?


Have you ever wondered what repentance means?


What does it mean to “sin”?


Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come for the righteous, but for sinners to repentance.” – Luke 5:31


Spiritually I have seen basically 3 types of people.


The healed are full of Grace and the knowledge that ONLY Jesus makes them Holy. The Holy Spirit lives through them and comforts them and a light shines through them. They no longer focus on some law that brought them TO Jesus but instead they focus on LOVE as they understand “GOD IS LOVE” and they follow the Grace-Full path of only two “laws”- Love God and Love others.


The cured are dead physically in the grave and they are no longer breathing in this university of life because they were “cured” of humanness. While they were here their spirit and life affected others and will continue long after they were only healed. One day you will be cured but what influence and spirit are you going to leave is up to you.


The stuck are following the law or some asinine ritualistic idea or another mini-god that only serves to further them from the real God actually living in them. If any concept of this could have gotten us to God then it begs the questions- why did Jesus come? What is the peace that passes all understanding? What is the light that shines through me is it trying to get people in a building or helping people see Love?


I know I WAS in the third category and I am moving to the second but currently in the first.


Here in lies a lesson from this passage however and I hope my simple writing makes it clear.


If you are stuck- Jesus can heal you, if you are healed LOVE like there is no tomorrow because there isn’t.


Your boasting makes God sick!

Your boasting makes God sick!