Faith doesn’t grow in the comfort zone! Yet most Christians live in that exact spot! They follow comfort laws (not the whole law but the ones they can do comfortably) they have their blessings listed as a nice job, house, family and car and there is little if any reason to stretch and ask this all important question:

What leads to destruction?

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” – Matthew 7:13-14

For many this passage seems to equate out to follow the law even closer because many will try but they will not succeed! News Flash – The law made no one righteous – not even one!

The Grace-Full way to look at this is really rather simple – the easy road, the broad path that leads to destruction is comfort!

Comfort in your effort, position, image or accomplishments – but comfort none the less! The kicker is – the law sets you up for that comfort UNLESS used correctly!

I see this everyday actually. A man has done 20+ years in the military, he is a deacon in the chapel and his family is pretty well set if anything should happen to him. He has all the answers or he is told them from the minister – so what does he need to search for?

The path to God by Grace through Faith is a never ending and constantly unfolding journey with Jesus toward a Love that knows no end with the very Presence of Peace that passes All understanding holding your hand the whole way!

This is why for the Grace-Full, death is actually a welcome and exciting adventure because you cant imagine how things could get better but they always are with God – each moment we realize Him there!

So where is the narrow road and the small gate – it’s within you! The kingdom of God is within you and to find it you just have to start by being honest!

Honest means totally transparent about:

1)    Your need for Him!

2)   Your inability to ever meet His standards on your own!

3)   Your need to rest in Christ Alone!

4)   Your baggage and pain that you place at His feet – All of it and leave it there! Don’t worry if you have to keep placing it there again and again – He smiles to see you do it!

His Is Faithful and He can and will carry out a good work in you that you never will be able to do on your own in your comfort zone!

Did Jesus come to make your life today miserable, give you a ticket to a better future or give you Abundant Life Now?

Did Jesus come to make your life today miserable, give you a ticket to a better future or give you Abundant Life Now?