Who controls the timing of the miracles and lessons that will happen in your life?


Is it possible that if we wait His lesson and miracle will be more than our wildest imagination could conceive?


Please read John 2:1-11


Are you a servant of Jesus?


If so there is a wine of Love that only Jesus could have made and He needs you to carry it to the world. Here is the thing- His timing is perfect and this is one of the hardest lessons of Grace.




Even Jesus own mother wanted His miracles- NOW!!


At first Jesus wasnt going to do it:


Vs. 4 “Woman why do you involve me?” Jesus replied, “My hour has not yet come.”


Mothers can be so very persistant cant they?


But look at the steak and potatoes that come from this miracle!!


1) Jesus does a work in us in a way that is best for us (even if we dont understand it at the time).


2) His timing is His timing so you can relax and know that He is God.


3) All we need to do is be open to the lesson of the moment and each moment has a lesson from Him if we are watching.


4) Every drop of the wine He has to flow through you beats anything from California, France, Italy or any other place that produces earthly wine. The work that He is doing is perfect Love and one taste of that is healing like no other healing.


5) As His servant taking that wine to the rest of the world is a RUSH!! You want to have one AMAZING PARTY? Ask Jesus to share His wine through you! Then standby for lessons that no one else can teach.


The wine didnt come from a stone and as long as you are part stone no wine will flow. The fruit is Love and those grapes didnt come cheap but He longs to share them with you.


So drink up at the Jesus Happy Hour!!


Is the cross of Christ enough for you?