As GraceFull creations made New by His Love beyond human comprehension our growth is one Wild ride!

To grow in His Peace we must know the war of the soul, that could easily turn bitter based on the events of this journey!

To grow in His Hope we must know the absolute desolation in the desert of misery!

To grow in His Joy we must know the suffering of the shrinking depression in a soul that cant see Any light!

To grow in His Faith we must know the humbleness of inability for Any other option but to look up and know that He brought us to the point we are at and only He will see us through!

To grow in His gentleness we must know the raging demon of a an existence without Him!

To grow in His kindness we must know what mans inhumanity to man looks like!

To grow in His forbearance we must know the reckless reaction of a heart in pain that seeks only momentary relief by satans temporary and painful hooks from Hell!

To grow in His Goodness we must know that Everything comes from His Loving and caring desire to Be with us!

To grow in His Self-Control we must see Him in Each and Every moment, situation and person in our life!

To grow in His Love we must see His Grace!