Let me say at the outset of this new devotional series I am writing about “the end times” that the reason I have not written this before now is based on 2 reasons:


1)It really just doesn’t matter. There is Absolutely No reason that a GraceFull being should worry about this!


2)The second reason is closely related to the first in that “the end times” is one of satans greatest distractions and we Need to focus on “Resting” or having Faith in His goodness and “Loving one another” – please keep this in mind and I will do all I can to remind you as well!

You, Lord, have abandoned your people, the descendants of Jacob. They are full of superstitions from the East; they practice divination like the Philistines and embrace pagan customs.” – Isaiah 2:6



In the last days people will sell out to “the god of MORE” – if you haven’t read my series on this feel free to click on the link in the words “the god of MORE” but in short this is anything that tells you Christ Alone is not enough.


It could be MORE religion, MORE rituals, MORE money, power, sex, drugs, violence of Anything other than what Christ has already done on the cross and in His Resurrection.


Basically what this verse is saying is that in the last days it will seem like God, The God Who Is Love beyond human comprehension, well in short it will seem like He has abandoned us due to people focusing on MORE instead of Love – BUT – don’t worry – it’s All under His control.


Faith is like a mushroom – it grows best in dark places full of manure! God is giving His own a chance to grow in Faith – so chill out, meditate on His Love for you and BeGraceFull!