Do you need Him?

Can you do it on your own?

Grace mask – 3 – pride and self-dependence

The people all responded together, “We will do everything the LORD has said.” So Moses brought their answer back to the LORD.” – Exodus 19:8

The reason the law makes so many trip is because that is exactly what it was designed to do! It was created to make you fail!

Why? Isn’t God Love?

Yes He Is Love – He longs to show you this Love beyond your wildest imagination – but He can’t as long as you think you don’t need Him! He longs to hold you in His Mighty Arms in a huge hug and tell you how special you are and how much He Loves you – but He can’t as long as your ego and pride and thoughts that you can be greater on your own are blocking Him from doing that!

Think back to the hook that satan used with Eve – what was it? You could have all knowledge! What does this tell you about God and His plan?

It tells me that He wants us to know that we are His children and Be at Peace with the knowledge that we don’t need to be anything else!

Today we see much the same thing with a million places calling themselves churches and each one with a little different slant on the gospel, the Bible and how it “should be” – the difference is that God Is how it Is and God Is Love!

Just before I fell into my second counseling treatment center – and happy to say my last so far – LOL – a minister encouraged me to cry out to God! I had done this many times but I had great respect for this minister and still do so I did cry out – in fact I cried out so hard that I eventually was placed in the counseling treatment center – but here is the thing – that is where someone taught me about Grace! That is where someone showed me 7 simple questions and scripture that revolutionized my walk with Christ!

Care to cry out – no matter where it takes you?

Here is a simple prayer/meditation for you:

Breathe in and say:


Breathe out and say:

Teach me

Practice this – spend five minutes a day just going over this and be open to the idea that God Is Love – let Him show you!

Grace mask 3 - Pride